Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NOx NOx "Who's There?" - A Blog Post by Ed Voytovich

"Ellie." "Ellie who?"  "The Elephant in the living room."

The elephant in our room is NOx, and elephants eat a lot.  Then they poop.  A lot. We need to watch where we step.

As technicians following the BPI Standards, we test for CO in the flue as well as in the ambient air as part of any audit where there are combustion appliances.  Imagine my surprise when my new Testo 327 combustion analyzer gave me flue gas content results that seemed impossibly low . . . in some cases zero. This was something I very rarely – if ever – saw with my trusty Bacharach equipment in the past.

Check out the complete blog post by Ed Voytovich on Home Energy Pros discussing NOx and how he uses his 327 oxygen analyzer.

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